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With a genuine love for dentistry and optimal oral healthcare, Teeth Plus Clinic is dedicated into improving the general aesthetic and function of your teeth so you can easily keep you smile for a lifetime.

With an honest intention to give its patients all the more reason to smile, with years of accumulated experience, and with cutting edge dental technology at its disposal, Teeth Plus Clinic makes a comprehensive range of general, restorative, and cosmetic dental procedures readily available to the local Annandale community and its surrounding regions. Visit your local Dentist In Annandale at Teeth Plus Clinic today!

Dr. Faris Nobari – Principal Dentist

Dr. Faris Nobari – Annandale Dentist

Striving for nothing less than perfection in dental and periodontal healthcare, founder and Principal dentist Dr. Faris Nobari of Teeth Plus Clinic has long committed himself to guiding his patients along the path of optimal oral health with the very best treatments modern dentistry hast to offer.

Since graduating in 2001 in dentistry, Dr Nobari has held different positions both in private and public sectors. To this day, he attends a wide range of courses and seminars to further advance his skills and keep his knowledge up-to-date.

  • A member of Australian society of implant dentistry (ASID)
  • Holds a POS certificate for orthodontics
  • Accredited provider for Invisalign.

At the very core of Dr Nobari’s practice there is a simple understanding of how essential dental health is to your general well-being, your appearance, and self-confidence. Teeth Plus Clinic is home to a team of dental professionals who dedicate their time and expertise into crafting safe and effective treatment that meet the individual needs of their patients.

Dr Peter Conaty – Dentist

peter conatyDr Peter Conaty BDS graduated from the prestigious University of Glasgow in Scotland.  He has become proficient in all aspects of  general dentistry including paediatrics, cosmetic  dentistry, minor oral surgery, periodontal care, prosthodontics (dentures/crowns etc) and root canal treatment.

Peter always strives to do what is best for the patient and will go the extra mile when required.  He is a gentle and caring dentist who understands that sometimes even the idea of sitting in the dental chair can be disheartening for some.  He has worked with a lot of anxious patients and always aims to make the entire dental experience as relaxing and stress-free as possible. Peter’s other interests include music and travel. .

Ellie – Cosmetic Nurse Specialist

Ellie – Annandale Cosmetic Nurse SpecialistEllie is a specialist in cosmetic medicine having completed a postgraduate degree in this area. She was attracted to the cosmetic medical industry through a significant interest in facial anatomy, balance, proportion, symmetry & artistry. Ellie believes every person is unique and attractive, so if you’ve got it, flaunt it! She believes that It’s our duty to smooth over the wear and tear of life and draw attention to those beautiful features & youth underneath.

Ellie is proud that she has  successfully treated over 3000 cases and is dedicated to treating her clients individually and honestly, with treatments that enable them to feel beautiful, looking natural and radiate beauty”.

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