Bad Breath Treatment In Annandale

Bad breath, medically referred to as halitosis, is often a result of poor dental hygiene. If you refuse to clean your mouth at least twice a day, food particles that are lodged in your mouth allows for aggressive bacterial growth, thereby causing unwanted mouth odour.

It is also not unheard of for halitosis to be symptomatic of underlying health problems.

What Causes Bad Breath? 

Between pungent foods and a blatant disregard for proper dental habits, there are a number of things that could actively cause bad breath. Among the most common of which include:

  • Food choices. Pungent foods are probably the most common bad breath culprits. Food, after being broken down in your mouth, gets digested for nourishment. Digested food is absorbed into your bloodstream, and then given off in your breath. The pungent scent goes away only after the food leaves through your body.
  • Smoking. Cigarette literally leaves your mouth smelling like an ashtray. Apart from this, a stick of cigarette contains 4000 chemicals, of which 69 are known cancer-causing agents, otherwise known as carcinogens, which leaves you at a high risk of developing oral cancer, among many other cancers.
  • Dry mouth. Medically referred to as xerostomia, dry mouth is among the most common causes of bad breath. Apart from keeping the dental and periodontal surfaces wet and comfortable, saliva actively keeps the mouth free from food debris and bad breath-causing bacteria.

Dentist In Annandale

Rather fortunately, there are a number of ways that allow you to actively avoid and counteract bad breath. These include drinking plenty of water, chewing sugar-free gum, kicking the habit, and avoiding pungent foods (if you want or must). But there is perhaps no better way to beat bad breath than by visiting you local Dentist In Annandale at Teeth Plus Clinic.

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