Fluoride Treatment in Annandale

Tooth decay can be a minor concern as it starts. However, if taken lightly, this can lead to infection, pain, and even tooth loss. Before your precious teeth suffer from decay, it is wise to protect it today.

Proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dental clinic can help protect your teeth. Another effective preventative measure is Fluoride Treatment from your trusted dentist in Annandale.

What is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride, along with calcium and phosphorous, is important in helping fend off tooth decay. Although it can be found in certain food and in drinking water, it is highly recommended to have a better source of fluoride. Fluoride Treatment is the application of a strong fluoride-containing substance on your teeth.

The fluoride seeps into the tiny pores of your teeth. Fluoride molecules then combine with the enamel structure of your teeth. As a result, this greatly adds to the strength and durability of your teeth. Furthermore, it also minimises the damage caused by bacteria in your mouth.

What does Topical Fluoride Treatment do?

Fluoride Treatment gives your teeth a chance to remineralise. During the treatment, your teeth are exposed to a controlled concentration of fluoride. This gives your teeth the necessary materials to renew its structures that have been damaged over time. Also, reminalisation makes your teeth more resistant to acid.

As a result, the probability of having tooth decay is greatly reduced, if not completely eliminated. This makes Topical Fluoride Treatment a vital part of the Preventive Dentistry here at Teeth Plus Clinic.

The benefits don’t end right there and then. After the treatment, some fluoride ions stay with the saliva in your mouth. This offers added protection from the harmful acid. The presence of these ions can neutralise the acids being produced by bacteria. This then decreases the overall acidity in your mouth and thus, prevents further damage done on your teeth.

In essence, Fluoride Treatment in Annandale can prevent tooth decay using different approaches. This makes it a very effective way to keep your teeth absolutely clean and healthy. Still, it is important to practice proper oral hygiene and healthy habits in order to achieve and maintain utmost dental, oral, and overall wellness.

Reliable Fluoride Treatment In Annandale

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