Teeth Whitening in Annandale

Everybody loves to have a set of perfectly white teeth.

However, every day, your teeth are exposed to factors that lead to tooth staining and discolouration. These include drinking coloured beverages and highly acidic drinks, eating food with strong colours, tooth damage due to trauma, medications, the habit of smoking, and even the process of ageing itself.

All of these take away the natural radiance of your teeth. As a result, you become too ashamed to show off your beautiful smile.

Bring back the glow of your wonderful smile today!

You can achieve this through top-notch Teeth Whitening in Annandale at Teeth Plus Clinic.

2 Ways To Whiten Your Teeth:

Basically, the Teeth Whitening process involves the placement of a peroxide-based substance against the surface of your teeth. The peroxide is then absorbed by the microscopic holes on the enamel of your teeth.

The peroxide molecules interact with the stains present in your teeth, breaking them down, removing them from your smile, and unveiling the radiance behind those unwanted stains.

In-Office Teeth Whitening – this technique involves the carefully controlled application of bleaching agents to the teeth in a surgery setting, wherein a peroxide gel is applied and activated by a special light to reveal instant whiter teeth. Note though that you should refrain from eating or drinking anything for at least 30 minutes after the Teeth Whitening treatment for a more lasting result.

Home Teeth Whitening – your trusted cosmetic dentist in Annandale can also provide you with a kit, coupled with a set of comprehensive instructions, which allows you to whiten your teeth at the comfort of your own home.

This kit contains custom trays and a peroxide gel. The custom trays, which are made from impressions of your mouth, will hold the peroxide gel so that it could work on improving the radiance of your teeth. The peroxide gel may be applied during sleep, once or twice a day for a set period.

The Tremendous Benefits Of Having Whiter Teeth

  • Boost self-confidence and self-worth;
  • Enhance ability to communicate and interact with others;
  • Look more approachable and more trustworthy;
  • Have better reasons to smile about; and
  • Become more conscious about oral health.

High-Quality Teeth Whitening In Annandale

Enjoy all these benefits of bringing back the brilliance of your smile. For great work on Teeth Whitening and other dental treatments under Cosmetic Dentistry, see your dentist in Annandale at Teeth Plus Clinic.

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