Tooth Filling In Annandale

Tooth decay may seem to be a simple problem at the start. However, if not given immediate treatment, this simple problem can easily become a complicated disturbance.

A mere tooth decay can end up to be your most disruptive dental concern as it may lead to more severe health risks in the near future. As such, tooth decay should be dealt with immediately and accordingly with trusty Tooth Fillings from your friendly dentist in Annandale here at Teeth Plus Clinic.

Why is Tooth Filling Important?

Tooth Filling is used to treat tooth decay and restore damaged teeth. In its simplest sense, dental fillings in Annandale can actually let you keep your natural teeth. Even if bacteria have already led your precious teeth into decay and substantial damage, you can still save it from extraction by having it filled.

Moreover, dental fillings can also protect your teeth from further harm. Today, there are 2 kinds of dental fillings which are used by dentists. The first would be the dental amalgam and the other is the tooth-coloured filling.

Comparing And Contrasting The Two Types

Dental amalgam or silver tooth filling is a relatively more affordable yet highly durable metal alloy usually made of mercury, silver, tin, and small amounts of copper and zinc. Despite its apparent advantage in cost and efficiency, people have had second thoughts in having silver tooth filling for its poor aesthetic quality. True enough, many find it weird due to its silver colour.

Furthermore, the presence of mercury in its composition has been the source of concerns. Still, while high levels of mercury can be dangerous, modern dental amalgam is completely safe for use because it contains a very low level of mercury, as stated by the Better Health Channel.

Tooth-coloured filling on the other hand is made of composite resin which is completely safe for your body. Even though these tooth filling can be less durable compared to dental amalgam, they have become the more popular choice among dental patients because they look just like your own natural teeth.

For this reason, tooth-coloured filling is usually placed in areas which can be easily seen by others, giving them protection from tooth decay and a beautiful smile all at once.

When choosing which type of filling is best for you, the factors that you will have to weigh would be cost, durability, aesthetic value, area of the damage, among others. Don’t you worry though. Your friendly dentist in Annandale at Teeth Plus Clinic will be with you at every step of the way.

Splendid Tooth Filling In Annandale

Protect your beloved teeth from decay today and keep them for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Savour the benefits of Tooth Filling in Annandale and other dental treatments under Restorative Dentistry from your trusted dentist in Annandale at Teeth Plus Clinic.

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