Wisdom Teeth Removal In Annandale

Most adults anatomically grow up to 32 permanent teeth, 4 of which are referred to as third molars, otherwise known as wisdom teeth. It is very rare for a person to grow a fully erupted and perfectly grown wisdom tooth, let alone 4 wisdom teeth, that cause no unwanted dental complications.

Usually the last to erupt through the gums between ages of 17 and 25, wisdom teeth come into the very back of the mouth where there are no enough gum surface that allows for proper development.

If in the occasional chance that there is enough room for a wisdom tooth to erupt in a favourable position, there will be very minimal discomfort, and the third molar goes on to function like a normal tooth. However, in most cases, third molars erupt at an angle and without enough room for proper growth.

As such, most wisdom tooth impacts against an already existing tooth, thereby causing prominent dental discomfort, and even injury. This is where wisdom teeth extraction comes in.

What Happens During Removal

Before the performing the procedure, you dentist in Annandale first assess whether or not there is, in fact, enough room for a third molar to come in properly. This is usually accomplished by taking an x-ray which allows your doctor to observe the tooth in its entirely, including the tooth root. After the assessment, your dentist is better able to tell whether or not the third molar should be extracted.

Generally, your dentist recommends extraction in one of the following cases:

  • The third molar is unable to fully erupt through the gums, subsequently causing infection in the surrounding tissues. This condition is medically referred to as Pericorontis.
  • The third molar suffers from chronic tooth decay. Note that third molars are often very susceptible to decay as these dental structures are often very difficult to clean with the traditional tooth brush and dental floss.

Dentist In Annandale

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