“No Out-Of-Pocket Expenses”

At the very heart of Teeth Plus Clinic is a genuine belief that high-quality dental care is never a luxury, but a right of everyone.

Built on this very belief, Teeth Plus Clinic has committed itself into becoming a dental practice that offers no less than the very best of modern dentistry at the most reasonable prices possible.

Highest Quality Dental Care

Teeth Plus Clinic understands that people, at times, are unwilling to spend money on simple dental treatments. What is left misunderstood, however, is that when you put off a simple dental procedure, you allow a simple dental anomaly to advance and compromise your oral health. When this happens, what should have been simple inevitably becomes a complicated dental treatment that naturally costs more.

But dental treatments don’t have to cost more. Being a dental practice built on the cornerstone of affordable world-class dentistry, Teeth Plus Clinic offers NO GAP payment scheme to patients affiliated with 58 recognised Australian health insurers, including:

1) ACA health benefits2) ADA recom fees

3) ADF Family Health

4) AHM Aust Health Management

5) AMA Doctors Health Fund

6) ANZ

7) API Health

8) AU Australian Unity

9) BUPA Australia Health

10) CBHS Friendly Society

11) CC Credicare

12) CY H CY Health

13) DH Defence Health

14) Doctors Health Fund AMA

15) DRU Druids VIC

16) FED Fed


18) GMF Health

19) GU Grand United

20) HBA

21) HBF Ess Plus

22) HBF Ess Regular

23) HCF Hospital Contribution Fund

24) HCI Health Care Insurance

25) HIF of WA

26) HP Health P

27) LHS Latrobe Health Services

28) LH Lysacht Hosp + Health Fund

29) MBF Medical Benifits Fund

30) MBP31) MC Mutual Comm

32) MD Mildura District

33) MM Mercantile Mutual

34) MP Medibank Priv

35) MU Manchester Unity

36) NAB

37) NH Navy Health

38) NIBB NIB Bodyguard

39) NPHI National Private Health Insura

40) NRMA

41) OM Onemedifund

42) PC Peoplecare

43) PH Police Health

44) PH Phoenix Welfare extra cover

45) QCH Queensland Country Health

46) RBH Reserve Bank Health

47) RTF Railway and Transport Health

48) SGIC Health

49) SGIO Health

50) SADS

51) SL St Lukes

52) TF Teachers Federation

53) TU Teachers Union


55) TRANS Transport Health

56) VA Veterans Affairs

57) VGDS Veterans General District

58) WF Westfund

What Is Pay NO GAP?

Pay No Gap, otherwise referred to as NO GAP Payment Scheme, basically means that you do not have to pay any out-of-pocket expense to your dentist, as long as your health fund covers your basic dental healthcare.

NO GAP payment in Teeth Plus Clinic is applicable to the following restorative and preventive dental services:

If you’re not with a Private Health Fund, we offer you a FREE dental consultation!

Call us today at (02) 9519 4226 or book your appointment online to experience top-notch dentistry that cares for your entire family.

( We are located on Nelson Street, in the heart of Annandale and is open to all patients from Annandale, Camperdown, Glebe, Forestlodge, Leicchardt, Rozelle, Lilyfield, Enmore, Haberfield, Erskineville, Stanmore, Petersham and Marrickville, etc)