Flaunt a Perfect Smile with Invisible Braces

Invisalign are invisible aligners designed to treat mild to severe cosmetic dental disorders. These are invisible plastic trays that don’t involve the use of noticeable metal wires, screws, or brackets. These transparent aligners perform the same function as traditional braces, moving the teeth to their optimal position and attaining the desired results within a specific time frame. At Teeth Plus, we have experienced prosthodontists in our team who solve all your worries related to Invisalign and inform you how they are much better than traditional braces so that you can be confident about choosing invisible aligners.

Dental invisible braces or silicone trainer in the hands of a young smiling girl. Orthodontic concept - Invisalign.

How To Go About Invisalign In Annandale?

With Teeth Plus, you don’t have to worry about teeth alignment and dental structure correction. Our experts control the treatment and update the patients with required modifications as the procedure continues. Every time patients come for follow-up, they are assigned a new set of aligners. A patient would wear clear aligners for two weeks. Each tray would move teeth slightly, and after the full course, teeth will become straight.

While many believe that Invisalign® itself is responsible for straightening teeth, it is actually the practitioner who must use their expertise to craft a customised series of clear aligners (Invisalign). Our highly experienced principal dentist, Dr Faris Nobari, who holds a POS certificate in traditional braces and is an accredited Invisalign provider, uses his profound knowledge and experience to prepare the best design for each patient. The slider on this page contains photos of a few patients treated successfully at Teeth Plus Clinic.

Invisalign Treatment Procedure At Teeth Plus

  • First Visit: Initial consultation and record taking included taking professional photos and moulds of your teeth. This record is sent to Invisalign® to make a simulation of your teeth. Then Dr Faris would work on the video and apply changes and adjustments to make them more suitable, considering your preferences and concerns.
  • Second visit: The video is shown to you, and details will be discussed.
  • Third Visit: The trays will be issued, and you will start your treatment. Your visits would be every six weeks until your aligners are finished.
Doctor putting a clear dental aligner to the patient woman
A smiling woman holding invisalign or invisible braces, orthodontic equipment

What Problems Can Invisalign Address?

Invisalign can be customised to deal with all your specific needs. Search Invisalign near me, and you will find us as the trusted dental clinic and dentist in Annandale. We create an extensive treatment plan to make sure that you get the effective orthodontic treatment and the positive results you deserve. The Invisalign can be used to address the following concerns:

For more information on the success of Invisalign treatment, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to answer all your queries.

Cost: We have made it affordable for everyone!

Invisalign treatments starts from $3500.

We also have interest free payment plans.

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