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General Dentistry

The principal dentist, Faris, has over 20 years experience. His extensive knowledge and skills in orthodontics, clear aligners, sleep dentistry and implants enables Faris to provide the highest standard of care to his patients. Cancer check is a standard part of the routine check up and in children,  identifying potential issues of the jaws and mouth is a part of orthodontics screening .

dental implant

Implant Dentistry

When you’re missing a tooth and a replacement is required, dental implants are a great option. Modern implants are discreet, functional and give you the full feel of your natural teeth, without the worry of knowing that you have an implant. Our experienced team of dentists will determine the right implant to suit your needs and match to the rest of your teeth to ensure you retain that cohesive smile.


Invasalign & Braces

Orthodontics has never been easier and more natural than working with Invisalign. The popularity for a discreet, less conspicuous aligner that works to straighten your teeth without the pain or bold look of brace is constantly increasing. At Teeth Plus, we specialise in Invisalign products to deliver quality smiles with the look and comfort of our patients in mind.


Emergency Dentistry

When the unexpected happens and you need urgent dental care, Teeth Plus has the experience to help.We can quickly assist with severe tooth aches, facial abscesses, broken and knocked out teeth. We understand that emergency dental means you need help now, so we have appointments available every day just for these emergency cases.


Cosmetic Dentistry

At Teeth Plus, we believe that you shouldn’t be ashamed of your smile. We specialise in a complete range of cosmetic dentistry solutions including teeth whitening, dental implants and bonding, veneers and full teeth and smile makeovers, to help you get your confidence back.

Friendly and affordable dental treatments for the whole family

World class oral care and dentistry at
affordable rates with an outstanding experience for everyone.

With decades of experience in all facets of oral care and dentistry, the team at Teeth Plus are committed to delivering quality services in a friendly and non-intimidating environment.   

Affordable and friendly dental care clinic for all the family in a relaxed but professional environment in the heart of Annandale.

 The team at Teeth Plus Clinic are committed to providing the highest quality general dentistry. Our dental examinations include; dental check-ups, teeth cleaning and dental x-rays, all at the lowest possible price while not compromising on oral health and hygiene.

As well as general dentistry care, we also provides cosmetic dentistry, preventative dentistry, emergency dentistry, implants and orthodontics.

Our personalised oral care plans are tailored to your individual dental health requirements, under the observation of our qualified dentists and technicians.

Teeth Plus clinic is a family dental clinic which has been proud of looking after community of Annandale and all neighbouring suburbs including Camperdown, Leichhardt, Forest lodge and Stanmore

At Teeth Plus Clinic we want you to leave with a smile!.

Annandale Dental Clinic

Why Choose Teeth Plus?

Teeth Plus is an open and honest dental practice. We have an experienced team who strive to deliver the best dental services utilising the latest techniques.

Words of Praise from our Previous Patients

We know that going to the dentist is something that people dread doing. But it shouldn’t be!

Teeth Plus are breaking the traditional dentist stigma with positive energy, affordable options, and transparent and comprehensive services. Check out what some of our past patients had to say about their experience with us. It will be sure to make you smile!

Our service areas

Teeth Plus is proud to be supporting the residents of Annandale and the surrounding areas of Sydney’s Inner West including:

Preferred Providers

Teeth Plus is a preferred provider for NIB, Australian Unity, Defence Health, People care, Frank, GMHBA, Smile,, CBHS & Westfund.


At your first visit we greet you at Teeth Plus Clinic reception area. You will be given a medical history form to fill out. This information will help your dentist to provide the best treatment options to you.

We recommend a 6 monthly check up and clean, however in some circumstances, your dentist may recommend and earlier check up visits. 

The purpose of brushing is to remove food from Teeth. So ideally after each meal. However sometimes it is not convenient to do so. So the recommendation is minimum at night before going to bed. During sleep, saliva secretion reduces and this will reduce the natural cleansing mechanism of the mouth.

As we eat, food gets caught between teeth. Brush bristles don’t usually get in between the teeth where they are contacting. But flossing is the way to clean the food between the teeth. In fact most caries happen between the teeth and it is not visible to naked eyes. We recommend at least before going to bed.

One of the benefits of Invisalign is that the aligners are removable, so you can eat and drink most foods without any restrictions. However, it’s important to remove the aligners before eating or drinking anything other than water to avoid damaging them or staining your teeth.

Your dentist will examine your teeth, take xrays and performs a professional cleaning and fluoride. At the end of the visit, your dentist will give you a summery of their recommendation.

Depending on the circumstances, your dentist may recommend getting x-rays between 6-24 months. There are some other types of x-rays which are taken every 4 to 5 years.

Caries can happen between your teeth where simple visualization may not be sufficient to detect them. X-rays will show any potential carries where they are hidden. Also they are great diagnostic tools to identify any infection or pathologies (ie cysts or tumours) inside the jaw bone.

At Teeth Plus Clinic, we follow a strict process to sterilize the instruments. All the instruments are first cleaned inside our ultra sonic cleaner, then will go into our sterilizer machine (Autoclave). Upon completion each pack of instruments get a sterilization code which  we will record it into your file and it will show that the instruments which were used on you, have been successfully sterilized. 

Usually patients tolerate cleaning process pretty good. If you have sensitive teeth, we have specialized numbing liquids for this purpose which we can apply on your teeth to make the cleaning process stress free for you.

We do understand that dental procedures could sometimes be stressful.

We have Nitrous oxide gas (Happy gas) which works well for moderately anxious patients.

For severely anxious patients, we also have an in house anaesthetist who can put you into sleep during the dental procedure. You would not feel any pain during the procedure and when you wake up, you usually wont remember the procedure.