Tooth Filling

Tooth decay occurs when a hole (cavity) forms in a tooth. It can affect people of all ages and even very young children.

Tooth decay is a disease that can cause pain and infection. In children, it can affect development, nutrition, speech and jaw development. As many as half of children under 6 in Australia have untreated decay in their baby teeth.

However, tooth decay can be prevented and should be dealt with immediately.


Why is Tooth Filling Important?

Tooth Filling can treat tooth decay and restore damaged teeth, allowing you to keep your natural teeth.

Moreover, dental fillings can also protect your teeth from further harm.

There are 2 kinds of Dental Fillings

Dental Amalgam or Silver Tooth Filling

is the more affordable option. Here, a highly durable metal alloy usually made of mercury, silver, tin, and small amounts of copper and zinc is used to fill any cavities. Despite its advantages in cost and efficiency, many people have second thoughts about silver tooth fillings because of its poor aesthetic quality.

Furthermore, the presence of mercury is a source of concern for some.

Amalgam restoration. Medically accurate 3D animation of dental concept
A girl showing her colorful filling in milk teeth.

Tooth-Coloured Filling

on the other hand is made of composite resin and completely safe. Even though these can be less durable than dental amalgam, they are more popular because they look just like your own natural teeth.

For this reason, tooth-coloured fillings are usually placed in areas which are visible, giving your teeth protection from tooth decay as well as a beautiful smile.

When choosing which type of filling that’s best for you, your friendly dentist at Teeth Plus Clinic Annandale will advise you about the best option for you, taking into account factors such as cost, durability, aesthetic value, area of the damage and overall effectiveness.

Protect your beloved teeth from decay for a lifetime of healthy smiles. The Restorative Dentistry services available from your trusted dentist in Annandale at Teeth Plus Clinic Covers a wide range of modern dental and oral care services. 

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