Meet the Dentists and the Team

With decades of experience in dental and periodontal healthcare, Founder and Principal Dentist of Teeth Plus Clinic, Dr. Faris Nobari is committed to optimal oral health for all Australians.

Along with Dr Nobari, Teeth Plus Clinic is home to a team of dental professionals who dedicate their time and expertise into crafting and executing safe and effective treatments that utilise cutting edge dental technology to meet the individual needs of all patients.

For the very best general, restorative, and cosmetic dental procedures visit your local dentist in Annandale – Teeth Plus Clinic!

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Dr. Faris Nobari – Principal Dentist

Faris graduated in 2001 with honours and since, he has attended multiple educational programs and courses. Faris caries the prestigious Sydney University Graduate Diploma in Implant Dentistry and also successfully finished a POS course in orthodontics/Braces treatment. Faris is a recognised provider for Invisalign and Angelalign orthodontics therapy. Recently Faris completed  IAADENT in implantology and is a former member of  ASID. Faris has over 20 years experience in dentistry.

History of Teeth Plus Clinic: Prior to moving to Sydney, Faris worked in Victoria (Geelong). In 2013 and after a few years working in Sydney in the shire area, he stablished Teeth Plus Clinic in Annandale.

An extensive knowledge and skills in Adult orthodontics, Children orthodontics and Implant dentistry enables him to have a holistic approach. He comments ” Patients come for a routine check up and clean with a main objective of getting their teeth checked. But apart from that, I pay attention to other factors such as their breathing habits. Patients complain of grinding or clenching their teeth, but it all could stem from lacking oxygen specially at night. That would have a detrimental impact in growing children and cognitive ability in both children and adults. I am fortunate to have a vast knowledge in orthodontics. As the result, when parents bring their children, I can identify issues  which can potentially impact their jaws and teeth, and address them before it is too late. Certainly cancer check is something which should not be overlooked during a routine check up in both adults and children. All this requires advanced technology and equipment which we have invested in, at Teeth Plus Clinic.”

Outside of work, Faris was involved in multiple charity programs and has been a supporter of Child Fund Australia in the last 10 years. 

Tallie – Front office coordinator

Tallie has been helping us at Teeth Plus as a front office coordinator. Tallie has been in the industry for over 15 years and been helping our patients with their enquiries. 

About // teeth plus

Ellie – Cosmetic Nurse Specialist

Ellie is a specialist in cosmetic medicine having completed a postgraduate degree in this area. She was attracted to the cosmetic medical industry through a significant interest in facial anatomy, balance, proportion, symmetry & artistry.