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Dental Implants: Matching Mother Nature

Dental implants are small titanium screws that anchor new replacement teeth into the jawbone giving you the ability to live life to the full, safe in the knowledge that your dental implants are safe and secure. There are now over 50 years of well-documented clinical research and experience that demonstrate the reliability of the modern titanium implant.


The treatment is often straightforward, performed in the dental surgery. Normally needing only a local anaesthetic, you will be able to leave your dentist’s surgery with your new implants straight away. As your treatment will be tailor-made, so will your consultation time. Your dentist will talk you through the process first. ✓ Our experienced and skilful dentists at Teeth Plus Clinic will perform a comprehensive and thorough assessment of your mouth and will provide you with a professional advice.

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How much it?

As each set of dental implants are tailor-made, the length and cost of your treatment depends on your personal dental circumstances and what needs to be achieved. Join us for a complimentary Consultation and we will be able to assess your case and discuss costs with you but as a rough guide prices start as low as $3500.

How long will my new tooth/teeth last?

All our implants come with a minimum 10 year guarantee. With proper care your implants should last the rest of your life.

The Single Tooth Solution

If you are missing only one tooth, this can be simply replaced by a single crown attached to a dental implant.

All On Four // dental implants
All On Four // dental implants

Bridging The Gap

Options to replace missing teeth,

With all dental implants, there are always options. When replacing more than one missing teeth, you can replace teeth using the individual crown option or a bridge attached to several dental implants. It’s whatever works best for you…

A Full Set Of Teeth (All-On-4)

A Full Set Of Teeth (All-On-4) Sometimes, dental implants are needed to replace a whole upper or lower jaw, or both. Dental implants are the reliable and secure option for the attachment of a full bridge to several implants. A prosthesis option is also available for cleaning.

All On Four // dental implants

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