Dentures in Annandale

Dentures, alternatively called plates or false teeth, are traditional dental devices that are used to replaced missing teeth. False teeth are removable, which means that its wearer can easily take it out and put it back on.

While wearing of dentures require some time to get used to, the dentures of today are very much comfortable, not to mention natural looking.

Types Of Dentures

Dentures in Annandale are built in dental laboratories, custom-made from impressions taken from the patient’s mouth. There are 3 basic types of dentures: full dentures, partial dentures and immediate full dentures. Your Annandale dentist is the one to help you choose the type of denture that best replaces your missing teeth.

A conventional full denture is installed in your mouth after the last remaining teeth have been taken out and all of the gum tissues have healed. Both upper and lower teeth full dentures are anchored to your gums by a flesh-coloured acrylic base.

Built on a metal clasps that serve as anchor to the false teeth, partial dentures are used when more than just a few, but not all, teeth are missing. Otherwise referred to as removable partial denture prostheses, partial dentures are also used as a removable alternative to the traditional bridge.

Immediate full dentures, as its name suggests, is immediately installed after every remaining teeth has been removed. While giving you the benefit of never having to be without teeth, immediate full dentures typically need to be relined after several months of used as the bone that supports the dentures heal and reshape, thereby causing the dentures to become loose.

Dentist In Annandale

Dental procedures involving dentures generally take 2-4 appointments to complete. With the exception of immediate full dentures, multiple visits are necessary as both full and partial dentures need to undergo several stages before they are created, completed, and properly fitted into your mouth.

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